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Shiva’s Tear Ring

Shiva’s Tear Ring

This 925 Sterling silver ring was made with a lot of patience and love.

Rudraksha, a seed that in India is regarded as “Shiva’s tears”, the legend tells us that Lord Shiva dropped a tear on the ground, and from it came the tree with these tears seeds.
I incorporate these seeds into a lot of bracelets because they send out power to the wearer, positive energy, protection, and good luck, so that’s why I love this Rudraksha…….

This ring is unique, I make a print of the Rudraksha and then cast it in silver, no two rings are the same as these are handmade and each seed has a different shape.

Available in size, 5/6/7/8/9/10

Since this ring is always custom-made, delivery time is about 10 days

Can also be made in 18Kt Gold

Handmade in Belgium,

Made with Love, Wear with Care




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Natural materials

Semi-precious stones, Sandalwood or Rudraksha are all-natural products and can therefore vary in colour or size. The products I make are not meant to diagnose, cure or stop a disease. Semi-precious stones are widely used as spiritual support for healing and meditation and the result is the sole responsibility of the wearer. Every Mala, necklace or bracelet in semi-precious stones is handmade and/or hand-knotted with a lot of care and positive intentions.

Made with a lot of love & patience



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ring sizes

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Perimeter (mm) USA size
48 4,5
49 5
51 5,5
52 6
53 6,5
55 7
56 7,5
57 8
58 8,5
59 9
61 9,5
62 10
63 10,5
65 11
66 11,5
68 12
69 12,5
70 13


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